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By , February 2, 2011 10:52 am

CHALE CHALO” – the Name of a Development Organization, is the brain child of Ms. Helena Nightingale, Chair of IVDT – UK, who has been supporting the development works in India for more than 17 years. “CHALE CHALO” – Two Inspiring Hindi Words of a Hindi Film; Literary Mean “Let’s Move Forward”. It is a Grassroots Development Organization with Professional Commitment that emerged from the campaign to instill self-confidence among the victims of devastated super cyclone that hit Orissa in 1999. More than 300 volunteers under the dynamic leadership of the young social activist Mr. Ranjit Kumar Swain had extended all sorts of cooperation to local communities, government and non-government agencies in their relief and rehabilitation works in Kendrapara & Jagatsinghpur District of Orissa. After 5 years of its informal existence, in 2005 “CHALE CHALO” was registered under Indian Trust Act –1882. Since then it has been closely working with development actors in Orissa and Jharkhand, where majority of people reeling under abject poverty and are victims of disasters, exploitation, violence, inequality, injustice, violation of human rights and poor governance. The people involved in CHALE CHALO mostly hail from socio-political movements that aim for inclusive, equitable, just and sustainable development process.

Our Main Objectives:

•    To work for Relief of poverty, distress & suffering and to attempt total human development and social transformation in backward areas in India
•    To help the poor for self – sustaining development organizations and to build up an institutional base for capacity building of the weaker sections in order to augment the participatory sustainable development process
•    To undertake child, youth and women development initiatives for their all round development and promotion of their rights   
•    To promote integrated and sustainable management and optimal use of natural resources and promotion of Sustainable Livelihoods among the poor
•    To undertake Relief and Rehabilitation programs on the event of natural and / or man made disasters / calamities and promote disaster preparedness, response and management
•    To promote better health and nutritional status among the needy and poor and work for prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis etc.
•    To create awareness on various government / non-government programs / services meant for poverty reduction & socio-economic development of the poor and to cooperate with them for effective implementation of  the same
•    To undertake research and studies relevant to the target groups with the aim to searching alternative inclusive development strategies
•     To develop areas of mutual cooperation, support and understanding among different individuals, NGOs, CBOs and government agencies working on similar issues;
•    To work for peace, communal harmony and social cohesion, strengthening of democracy, national unity and integrity as well as to promote good governance through village self rules both in scheduled and non – scheduled areas.

Our Approaches:

•    Right based and people centered approaches with focus on mobilizing, educating, organizing, capacity building and empowerment of the poor for poverty reduction, equity, justice and sustainable development
•    Promotion of volunteerism and action oriented works to address the problems and finding people’s solutions through participants led and sustainable development approaches.
•    Working with like-minded individuals, organizations, networks & government departments for the interest of the deprived and excluded communities & disadvantaged groups.
•    Maximum utilization of available services, programs & resources of Government, NGOs, PRIs & Local Communities and working with them for high impacts and avoiding duplication
•    Self-driven, self-governed and self -sustained people’s initiatives through their organizations
•    Finding out the root cause of poverty, hunger, starvation deaths, distress, sufferings, discrimination and violation of human rights etc. and attempting to build up multi-stakeholders’ partnership in development.

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