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Mangroves Regeneration, Protection, Conservation & Management through Community Participation

This program covers 30 villages of Rajnagar and Mahakalpada Blocks in Kendrapara District of Orissa, India.  Mangrove Conservation is linked with other issues affecting the life and livelihood of the local people. More than 120000 general and 40000 mangrove species have already been planted. 9 women SHGs, 3 Eco-Clubs and 1 Youth Clubs have been involved in tree nursery raising activity. 3 Forest Protection Committees have been involved in mangrove nursery raising and plantation. More trees are being planted in the areas in order to create a Green Belt.

Education in Environmental Issues in Orissa:

This program covers 60 Eco-Clubs in 5 blocks of Kendrapara District. It is participants led self-driven and self-sustained learning process to improve the level of environment education and awareness among school children, teachers, youths, women and villagers. Classroom teaching, competitions, games, environment library, practical actions in schools, families & villages, investigation, study, maintaining of Natures’ Diary, Study Tour, Awareness Campaign on Global Warming and Climate Change and Environment Newsletter are some of the components. The Environment Education aims to engender an understanding of the relationship between human beings and the natural world, of the impact that their behavior can have on the environment, and the long-term consequences and to empower people to take responsible action for the future of themselves and the wider world.

Women Empowerment through SHGs For Rights, Poverty Reduction & Prevention of Violence:

We are working with 274 women SHGs, who have fifteen lakhs plus savings. We provide required supports for capacity building, group management, record keeping, bank linkages, information on government programs, facilitating maximum use of government, banks, NGOs & PRIs’ programs, resources and services. Women are being capacitated to address health, education, environment, agriculture, poverty, governance, rights and entitlements issues. They are involved in management of development programs and undertaking IGPs and leading the campaign to End Poverty and Violence Against Women. They are on the path of self-managed and self-reliant.

Children’s Community Radio: Voice to Voiceless Marginalized Children in Nuapada District, Orissa

“Mor Tune Mor Kathani” (Its My Voice: Its My Story) – Child Community Radio of CHALE CHALO has proved as an important advocacy tool for promoting Children’s Right to Survival, Protection, Development and Participation. All the programs are performed in remote villages with the marginalized local children in local cultural forms using local language. Children and adults in thousands of villages has been listening the Child Community Radio Programs for last two years broadcasted by All India Radio Station, Bhawanipatna from 1.20 PM to 1.50 PM on 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. It has complete children and communities’ acceptability, ownership and self-driven. So far 42 Episodes have been broadcasted and intensive narrowcasting done in project villages for participatory learning and action to address their issues. The children do enjoy the programs as lots of funs & learning involved in the process.

EMCOR – Empowering Marginalized Communities for Their Rights and Poverty Reduction Through Community Radio in KBK Region, Orissa This project aims to achieve empowerment through community radio of the voiceless marginalized communities to articulate their problems, demand their rights & entitlements and to engage the community & local governing structures to deal with their issues in 60 Villages in KBK region of Orissa, India. The Community Radio Program in the Title “MOR HAQ” (MY RIGHTS) is going to be broadcasted from 2nd October 2009 (Gandhi Jayanti) weekly from AIR – Bhawanipatna and Sambalpur on. The direct beneficiaries are 6000 marginalized families with focus on women, disabled, destitute, tribals, dalits and victims of/prone to HIV/AIDS, children, the elderly, and unemployed youths.  The wider beneficiaries are 500,000 plus radio listeners among the poor. The PRIs, Government & other Agencies will be benefited through continuous feedback, interaction, dissemination of information, increased beneficiaries participation; cooperation & collaboration and increased accountability; transparency; responsiveness; effectiveness and credibility in the governance system.

Right to Health through Community Action Under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

This Pilot Project has been implemented in 15 villages under 3 PHC in Pattamundai Block of Kendrapara District.    15 Gaon Kalyan Samitiees, 3 PHC and 1 CHC level Planning and Monitoring Committees formed and members got oriented on NRHM, Health Rights and Community Monitoring of Health Services. Health Profiles, Data Gathering and Preparation of Score Cards in 15 villages, 9 HSC, 3 PHCs and in 1 CHC have been done. PHC & CHC level Jan Sambad have been organized in order to share the results of the scorecards, to address the denial cases and chalk out collective action plan to improve the health services.

Campaign on Right to Information and Good Governance:

CHALE CHALO has launched sustained campaign in its area of operation in Nuapada, Bolangir, Kalahandi & Kendrapara Districts to make Right to Information familiar among women, dalits, tribals, backward communities, youths and other disadvantaged communities. Meetings, Trainings, Group Discussions, Distribution of Awareness Materials and Consultations have been organized on RTI.  The organization has built up solidarity with RTI & Good Governance campaign launched by different organizations and networks at state and national level. The community radio program in KBK region is helping the poor to access the information and also to speak out their concerns.

Campaign on NREGS, Right to Food and Poverty Reduction:

CHALE CHALO has been spearheading and strengthening the campaign on NREGS, Right to Food and Poverty Reduction at different levels in its areas of operation in the state of Orissa. Awareness building meetings, cultural programs, leaflets distribution, poster and banner display, rallies and community radio episodes etc. have been   highlighting the plights of the migrated laborers and the importance of NREGS for poverty reduction, food security, checking of distress migration, allowing children to continue their education and creating village assets for multiplying employment opportunities in agriculture, forestry and allied activities. We have assisted the laborers to fill up the job application forms, demanding works, getting timely proper wages as well as accessing food security and poverty reduction programs.

Promotion of Livelihoods through Sustainable Agriculture including SRI Method of Paddy Cultivation:

CHALE CHALO has provided technical supports to more than 300 farmers in Nuapada, Bolangir, Kalahandi and Kendrapara district for adopting sustainable eco-farming practices. Thrusts have been given for preparing organic manure and pesticides, undertaking vegetable cultivation, horticulture, multi-crops practices and suitable commercial crops. The organization is actively involved in the campaign against GE / GM / BT Crops as it causes loss of land fertility in long runs and puts the poor farmers in sever food insecurity and distressed condition. At present the organization is directly promoting 2 SRI villages in Boden and Sinapalli blocks of Nuapada District.

Promotion of Livelihoods through Sustainable Collection, Processing & Marketing of Non Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs):

The processes of Community Based Regeneration, Protection, Conservation and Management of Degraded Forest have been strengthened by CHALE CHALO in 32 villages in KBK region. We are providing training on NTFP processing and marketing to the forest dwellers. They are being trained on collection, primary processing, storage and marketing of Mahua Flowers, Mahua Seeds, Kusum Seeds, Harida, Bahada, Anla and Leaf plates etc. The primary collectors of this area have been motivated to process and sell their products through their SHGs and developing direct linkage with the main traders of the region. They are also being oriented to have their own cooperatives and enter into further processing and direct marketing of NTFPs to fetch more price than they used to get while dealing the NTFP through the middle men / local agents. We are lobbying for ensuring minimum support price of NTFPs to Primary Collectors.

Promotion of People’s Organizations for their Rights and Entitlements:

CHALE CHALO has been promoting and strengthening people’s organizations mainly among the small and marginal farmers, landless laborers, daily wage earners, women and forest dwellers for their rights and entitlements. In KBK region 3 people’s organizations promoted and strengthened by CHALE CHALO are “Manava Adhikar Surakshya Abhiyan” for promotion of Human Rights of All,  “Jami Jangal Mukti Andolan” for promotion of Forest Land Rights of the Tribals / Forest Dwellers and “Krushaka Shakti Shakti Sanghathan” for promotion of the rights of the small and marginal farmers and agricultural laborers. Similarly the people’s organization in coastal region in the name of “Upakula Surakshya Abhiyan” is working for protection of coastal environment and traditional fishermen’s rights. Besides, we are actively involved in local, state and national level networks and campaign groups on rights of the children, women, migrants, tribals, dalits and other weaker sections and sustainable development issues.

Awareness on Government Welfare Programs:

The organization is closely working with the village level institutions and regularly undertaking awareness generation activities about various government programs and services among the villagers. We had collected and distributed posters and leaflets highlighting the salient features of different pro-poor government policies, acts, programs and services. The SHGs and community leaders have been oriented, capacitated and engaged to ensure proper functioning of schools, anganwari centers, PDS, CHC, PHC, health sub-centers, IAY, Old Age; Widow & Disable Pension, Annapurna Yoyana, Antodaya Yoyana, NRHM focusing on JSY, NREGS, Forest Land Right Law, PRIs, RTI and other pro-poor and development policies and programs.

Disaster Preparedness, Response and Management:

The volunteers engaged in relief and rehabilitation works in 1999 Super Cyclone affected areas in Orissa, established CHALE CHALO. Since then it has always been with the people suffering from disasters like – floods, drought, storms, untimely rain, heat wave, cyclone and saline surge etc. It has been giving priority on community preparedness, response and management in order to lessen the impacts of the disasters. People to People Assistance Approach during the disasters have proved effective and widely acclaimed be all sections. We have been undertaking and facilitating Rescue, Relief, Health Services and Rehabilitation programs especially in undivided Cuttack and KBK districts of Orissa State in collaboration with other NGOs, Networks & Government as sort term measure. Besides, massive plantation, regeneration and protection of degraded forest including mangrove, promotion of sustainable livelihoods, advocacy, lobby, networking and facilitation for sustainable management of water, land and forest and measures for effective disaster preparedness, response, management and mitigation are the long term approaches.

Cross Cutting Issues:

Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Participation of marginalized groups like – women, children, elderly, disables, HIV/AIDS victims, tribals, dalits, destitute etc., reduction of IMR & MMR, Education & Health to All, Environmental Sustainability and Cooperation, Collaboration and Partnership for Sustainable Development are some of the cross cutting issues well addressed by the organization through its development actions.


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